Seminars and Conferences


16-ene-14 Anillo-CEMC Suspended Donoso A
13-mar-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Vicente Torres Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Biology  Department of Basic Sciences and Community  Faculty of Dentistry
University of Chile
Focal Adhesion Dynamics and Movement of Cancer Cells: a Novel Role for the Endosomal Protein Rab5 Mónica Suárez 1
14-abr-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Alfredo Criollo Faculty of Dentistry  University of Chile Polycystins, emerging new roles in the regulation of autophagy Mónica Suárez 5
22-may-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Diego Varela Laboratory of Pathophysiology School of Medicine University of Chile L-type calcium channel in cardiomyocytes: Role of auxiliary subunits and their interaction with the AT1 receptor Mónica Suárez 4
26-jun-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Juan Carlos Sáez Department of Physiological Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Start spreading through neuroinflamaciόn dependent cellular responses hemichannels Mónica Suárez 5
17-jul-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Luis Sobrevia Laboratorio de Fisiología Celular y Molecular,
Centro de Investigaciones Médicas,                         Facultad de Medicina
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Receptores de insulina y de adenosina: combinación necesaria para revertir la disfunción endotelial fetoplacentaria humana en diabetes gestacional Donoso A
21-ago-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Alexis M. Kalergis Professor, School of Biological Sciences Faculty of Medicine – Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile director-Millennium Institute – Immunology and Immunothera. Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Insulin receptors and adenosine: combination necessary to reverse human fetoplacental endothelial dysfunction in gestational diabetes Donoso A
16-oct-14 Anillo-CEMC Martín Montecino Leonard, Ph.D. Director Center for Biomedical ResearchDeputy FONDAP Genome Regulation CentreSchool of Biological Sciences and School of Medicine

Universidad Andrés Bello

Epigenetic regulation during lineage commitment Donoso A
20-nov-14 Anillo-CEMC Felipe Simón, PhD. Associate Professor Department of Biological Sciences – Faculty of Life Sciences & Faculty of MedicineUniversity Andres Bello Characteristics and mechanisms of endothelial fibrosis: implications for systemic vascular dysfunction during inflammation Donoso A
05-dic-14 Anillo-CEMC Vicent Jacquemond Centre de Génétique et de Physiologie Moléculaire et Cellulaire CNRS,
Université Lyon 1, Francia
Depression of voltage-activated calcium release in skeletal muscle by activation of a voltage-sensitive phosphatase Donoso A
18-dic-14 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Luis Michea Dr. Luis MicheaDoctor in Biomedical SciencesIntegrative Physiology Laboratory Director

Deputy Director CEMC

Principal Investigator

Millennium Institute Inmunologí¬ae Immunotherapy

School of Medicine

University of Chile

Regulation of FGF23 in acute renal failure: mechanisms and clinical implications Donoso B


10-ene-13 Anillo-CEMC Jorge A. Cancino Henríquez, PhD Post-Doctoral fellow-Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine-Institute di Biochimica delle Proteine-NAPOLI, ITALY A housekeeping golgi-based signalling pathway controls retrograde traffic and gene-expression Hermann Niemeyer CEMC
24-ene-13 Anillo Dra. Alejandra Espinosa Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab How a high-fat diet causes oxidative stress? Mónica Suaréz 5 CEMC
Dra. Denisse Bravo Dr. Quest’s Lab Modulation of cell death by human pathogenic bacteria: knowing their virulence and control mechanisms
21-mar-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Marcelo Kogan Director of the Laboratory of Nanobiotechnology, School of Cs. Chemical and Pharmaceutical, University of Chile Nanotechnology for the development of new therapeutic strategies and diagnostic methods Donoso A Lab. Solutions Ltda.
28-mar-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Pedro Buc Calderón Louvain Drug Research Institute- Université catholique de Louvain (UCL)- Brussels, Belgium-Departamento de Ciencias Químicas y Farmacéuticas, Arturo Prat University, Iquique, Chile Nrf2 signaling: When cancer cells hijack an antioxidant pathway to improve their resistance to chemotherapy Donoso A Lab. Solutions Ltda.
04-abr-13 Anillo Ariel Contreras (Fondecyt Iniciación) Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab Short-term high-fat diet induces mitochondrial ca2+ mishandling and insulin resistance in skeletal muscle: new mechanisms in biomedicine Allamand CEMC
Alejandra Espinosa Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab Prevention by exercise and omega 3 antioxidant pathway esregulación Keap1/NRF2 fatty acids in insulin resistance
18-abr-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Alvaro Lladser Laboratory of Gene Immunotherapy Foundation Life & Science Las vías de reconocimiento del DNA en la interfaz entre inmunidad innata y adaptativa en respuesta a vacunas de DNA antitumorales Donoso A Lab. Solutions Ltda.
24-abr-13 Anillo-CEMC Dra. Alejandra San Martín Emory University School of Medicine The routes of DNA recognition at the interface between innate and adaptive immunity in response to DNA vaccines antitumor Donoso B CEMC
25-abr-13 Anillo Dr. Simón Guerrero Dr. Quest’ Lab Allamand CEMC
02-may-13 Anillo Rodrigo Troncoso Dr. Lavandero’s Lab The role of Glucocorticoid Receptor b in autophagy induction by mifepristone Sala H. Orrego CEMC
Paola Llanos Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab Membrane cholesterol modulates glucose transport through GLUT4: a possible insulin resistance treatmentâ
09-may-13 Anillo Mariana Casas Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab Sala H. Orrego CEMC
16-may-13 Anillo Raúl Lagos Cabré Dr. Quest’s Lab Switch of cell adhesion-to-migration induced by Thy-1 engagement of Integrins and Syndecan-4 in astrocytes Sala H. Orrego CEMC
23-may-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Flavio Salazar Disciplinary Program of Immunology, ICBM Faculty of Medicine – University of Chile Deputy Director – Millennium Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy Gap junction mediated interaction between the immune system and the tumors Donoso B Lab. Solutions Ltda.
28-may-13 Anillo-CEMC Jheimmy Díaz Muñoz, PhD INSERM UMR S 787-Groupe Myologie – Faculté de Médecine – Pitié-Salpétrière
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI- France
B lymphocytes: Buildings in cell movement and modern architecture (Myosins and their role in antigen processing) Donoso B CEMC
30-may-13 Anillo Dr. Vicente Torres Dr. Quest’s Lab Elucidation of the mechanisms underlying rab5 mediated focal adhesion disassembly, cancer cell migration and invasion Allamand CEMC
06-jun-13 Anillo Zully Pedrozo Dr. Lavandero’ Lab Polycystin-1 regulate cardiomyocyte calcium homeostasis via L-type calcium channel. Relevance during ischemia/reperfusion Sala H. Orrego CEMC
13-jun-13 Anillo Mario Chiong Dr. Lavandero’s Lab Role of autophagy in the regulation of vascular smooth muscle cell phenotype Allamand CEMC
20-jun-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr.Julio Tapia Laboratory of Cell Transformation ICBM, Faculty of Medicine University of Chile Addiction CK2 in cancer: Implications for β-catenin and tumor progression Donoso B TCL
18-jul-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Jose Galgani Department of Nutrition, Diabetes and Metabolism, School of Medicine Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Regulation of glucose homeostasis: new mechanisms Donoso B TCL
01-ago-13 Anillo Jovan Kuzmicic Thesis student Dr.Mario Chiong Trimetazidine protects the cardiomyocyte mitochondrial fission and palmitate-induced metabolic collapse Sala Orrego CEMC
22-ago-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Fernando Ezquer Institute of Sciences Faculty of Medicine University of Development Mesenchymal stem cells as a tool for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus Donoso B CEMC
05-sept-13 Anillo Jordana Neira Thesis student Dr. Jaimovich Altered ATP signaling cancer model. Sala Orrego CEMC
Jorge Díaz Thesis student Dr. Quest Caveolin-1 favors the activation of Rab5 promoting migration and activation of Rac1 in metastatic cancer cells
03-oct-13 Anillo Yenniffer Ávalos Dr. Quest-Dr. Lavandero’s Labs Role of autophagy in the tumor suppressor activity of caveolin-1 Sala Orrego CEMC
Felipe Paredes Dr. Jaimovicht-Dr. Lavandero’s Labs Role of Herp protein in the modulation of mitochondrial function through the regulation of IP3 receptor
24-oct-13 Anillo-CEMC Dra. Zully Pedrozo C. Assistant Professor Laboratory Mechanotransduction in Cardiac Pathophysiology Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Faculty of Medicine – University of Chile Polycystin 1. A new mechanosensor in the cardiomyocyte Donoso A TCL
07-nov-13 Anillo Christian Pennanen Dr. Lavandero’ Lab Mitochondrial dynamics in cardiomyocyte hypertrophy Sala Orrego CEMC
Manuel Arias Calderón Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab Characterization of a multiprotein complex involved in excitation-transcript in skeletal muscle
21-nov-13 Anillo-CEMC J. Cesar Cardenas PhD Anatomy & Cell Developmental Biology Program, Institute of Biomedical Science (ICBM), University of Chile InsP3R Inhibition Causes Selective Cancer Cell Death; a bioenergetic story of ER-mitochondrial calcium communication Donoso A CEMC
05-dic-13 Anillo Suspended Sala Orrego 0.
19-dic-13 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Francisco Westermeier Laboratory of Molecular Signal Transduction Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidad de Chile Insulin reversal of gestational diabetes mellitus-reduced adenosine transport requires downregulation of insulin receptor A and p42/44mapk in human umbilical vein endothelium Donoso A Neon Creative Labware


10-oct-12 Anillo Carlos Sanhueza, Ariel Contreras, Paola Llanos, Denisse Valladares, Gonzalo Jorquera, Manuel Arias, José Pérez, Pablo Morales Thesis students from various laboratories Ring group Several Donoso A CEMC
22-oct-12 Odontología-CEMC Dr. David Schlaepfer University of California, San Diego New Connections of Focal Adhesion Kinase to the Cell Migration Machinery Donoso A CEMC
23-oct-12 Odontología-CEMC Dr. Dwayne G. Stupack University of California, San Diego Unexpected Roles for a Caspase in Cell Migration Donoso A CEMC
31-oct-12 Anillo Carlos Sanhueza, Felipe Paredes, Rodrigo Troncoso, Patricio Silva, Alexis Díaz, Lorena García, Yennifer Avalos, Clara Quiroga Thesis students from various laboratories Ring group Several Donoso A CEMC
05-nov-12 Anillo-CEMC Rodrigo Herrera-Molina Department of Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology, Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology, Magdeburg, Germany The CAM Neuroplastin-65 is a candidate to balance inhibitory and excitatory synapses in brain Auditorio Donoso A y B – Medicina CEMC
08-nov-12 Anillo Dra. Mariana Casas Dr. Jaimovich`s Lab Frequency decoding mechanisms linked to plasticity in skeletal muscle Facultad de Odontología CEMC
15-nov-12 Anillo Dra. Lisette Leyton Dr. Quest’s Lab Signaling in astrocyte adhesion and migration induced by the neuronal protein Thy-1 Auditorio Donoso A – Medicina CEMC
Dr. Mario Chiong Dr. Lavandero’s Lab Mitochondrial incretin effects GLP-1
22-nov-12 Anillo-CEMC Dr. Mauricio Báez Laboratory of Biochemistry, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universidad de Chile Analysis of the mechanism of protein folding knotted force spectroscopy of single molecules Auditorio Donoso A y B – Medicina CEMC
29-nov-12 Anillo-CEMC Frédéric Jaisser, MD, PhD Research Director Scientific Director of the SVSE1 Pathophysiology Committee of the French National Research Agency ANR Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers INSERM U872 Team 1 Paris France Aldosterone and mineralocorticoid receptor: new paradigms and novel therapeutic opportunities Auditorio Donoso A y B – Medicina CEMC
06-dic-12 Anillo Dra. Sonja Buvinic Dr. Jaimovich’s Lab How skeletal muscle adapts to external stimuli? A molecular, cellular and physiological look Donoso A CEMC
13-dic-12 Anillo Dra. Lorena García Dr. Lavandero’s Lab Role of adhesion molecules VCAM-1 and ICAM-1 in cardioprotective actions of insulin Donoso B CEMC
Dr. Sergio Nuñez Dr. Quest’ Lab Role of caveolin-1 in sensitivity to free fatty acids in pancreatic beta-cells
20-dic-12 Anillo-CEMC Dr. José Manuel Pérez BioNanotechnology Research Group Microbiology and Biochemistry Laboratory, Faculty of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences University of Chile Microbiological synthesis of fluorescent nanoparticles (quantum dots) Auditorio Donoso A y B – Medicina CEMC