Support program for teaching “170 ESCUELAS 170 ACADEMICOS Y ACADEMICAS”

Support program for teaching


Establish an educational program designed to aid science teachers at the intermediate level in public schools.

1) Neuroscience lectures on the process of  learning. Up to three lectures relate to executive functions; others focus on methods and strategies for teaching and learning; and ultimately, one lecture will inform on how to teach neuroscience in classrooms.

2) Workshops for Teachers of science.
a) In the first workshop the science program of the highschool will be reviewed together with members of the CEMC, who will help teachers update the information they use in class.
b) Workshop on “How to search for information over the internet”. Here teachers will receive instructions as to how to find reliable sources of information on the Internet.

3) Lab Activity: “The lab in your classroom”
This activity will be developed by CEMC scientists together with highschool students, the objective being to learn to apply the “scientific method” to the design of an experiment. Example: Determine glycemia in mice fed a high-fat or control diet and measure HbA1c.

4) Evaluate the following year to what extent this program improves student performance in tests.

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